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create arbitrary groups of my friends so I can click a button to see a time for those group members only

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    billcarroll shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Kat ThreeCentStamp commented  · 

        Hurry please. I'm having to toggle back and forth between Twitter and Twhirl to keep up. Thank you.

      • sueclark commented  · 

        I'd love to see groups added as tabs, similar to the saved searches. I have no interest in seesmic (sorry) since it takes up too much screen real estate. But I hate to see Twhirl go by the wayside. I love it too much, it's the best client around. So please consider adding groups as tabs. :)

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      • Kim commented  · 

        I have to echo everyone else's sentiment and say that the Groups feature would be fantastic. I could drop TweetDeck if twhirl came out with a Groups feature. I just started using twhirl and besides the lack of a Group function, I really like it better than TweetDeck.

      • dacort commented  · 

        Not sure how you're planning on adding group support, but if you're interested in integrating a service I run to search user profiles of your friends and/or followers (http://tweepsearch.com) to help make the process easier, just let me know. (@dacort on Twitter and can email dacort at tweepsearch)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes definitely need groups. Lack of groups is actually stopping me from following too many tweets because I end up missing updates from people. I know i can filter but when you've got a lot it takes too long. can't wait for groups

      • Lillea Woodlyns commented  · 

        Groups are it for sure. I need that feature more than anything else. I could use Twitter as is if it weren't for that missing feature.

      • themommy commented  · 

        I totally agree with this request. I've partially switched from Tweetdeck to Twhirl, thanks to @dockmurdock's great comparison video on YouTube. However, I still keep TD open for the group option. I'd love to see this in Twhirl so that I can say goodbye to TD forever!

      • lizster commented  · 

        tabs for groups would be fabulous--I love the small form of twhirl compared to tweetdeck but really need the groups feature in order to not go crazy deciphering work tweets from friend tweets.

      • micahandkatie commented  · 

        If you want this to be any kind of competitor with Tweetdeck, you need to add this feature, it's nice that it's planned, but time is ticking, I have not been able to convince people to move to twhirl without this. People are basically embarrassed to stop following annoying people, so they need groups to ignore bad twitters and not hurt their feelings!!

      • boneshakerbike commented  · 

        This is a must because I am always scrolling through tweets to find twitterers less tweeted.

      • BoulderRunner commented  · 

        How about this. Not just one group but. many groups (*gasp*) EG work, friends, industry, interests

      • erifneerg commented  · 

        yea, the one i like about tweetdeck is the spelling and groups. I just don't like how tweet deck using just more columns rather then tabs.

      • MrStrider commented  · 

        when this will comes in the real world? i got a tweet yesterday that we'll get the new version today!

      • PhillyMac commented  · 

        I'm totally jacked that this is planned, groups are the only reason I open tweetdeck (especially since twhirl now has spell checking as well). I don't care about having to keep the information from previous session as long as I can track it. Well done, can't wait to see it!

      • Fungible commented  · 

        Not only groups, but I'd love to see both groups and multiple accounts as TABS in the interface, so I can keep a small footprint, but see everything I want in that same footprint! (@Fungible)

      • thorkel commented  · 

        I don't think anyones mentioned that the only reason for using tweetdeck over twhirl is groups .... oh no wait that what everyone seems to want .... really looking forward to this - I will drop tweetdeck like a stone when groups are implemented

      • gotwiki commented  · 

        Groups are a most.
        How about a different notifications/sound for group tweets. So that it draws your attention when close friends are twittering.

      • Timeless commented  · 

        Doing this now with Search Tabs, but this will make my day. Tweetdeck takes up too much real estate (although it does maintain groups from session to session, so don't understand the previous comment).

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